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By Amy Shipley, Academy of Art University, San Francisco, USA

We use a rubric that’s based on our course learning outcomes for all our writing and speaking assignments. I give them the rubric when I assign the task. I also put students in groups and give them two things: the rubric itself and a blank rubric. I have them paraphrase the requirements in each grading category so they fully understand what I’m looking for.

For speaking tasks, I videotape all formal presentations, so I have a record of what they’ve done. But it’s also for the students to evaluate (and grade) themselves. During the presentation, I also assign students in the audience to specific speakers, and have them evaluate and give feedback to them at the end of the presentation. When students grade themselves (which I check after I’ve graded them), I get feedback on my grading. It helps me to know if they understand the criteria and whether or not I explained it well.


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